Powder Coating

Custom Powder Coating

Projects we have coated include steel posts, guardrails, specialty and designer railings, trellises, skylights, staircases, truss plates, art objects, vehicle frames. We have done numerous projects for fire fighters.

There are endless applications in steel and other metal mediums where powder coating and ceramic coating sustain the longevity of each project.

Ceramic Coating

We do truck racks, warehouse racks, industrial fabrications and construction equipment. We also do decorative iron fencing, railing, and metal furniture.

Victory Powder Coating should be your first and only stop here in the north state. Our staff has more than 50 years combined experience and training in powder and ceramic coatings.

We have many colors to choose from. We also have a high heat coating available for barbeques and outdoor stoves or other appliances.

The sheer durability of powder coating is considered as an ecologically friendly application. Most liquid paints can’t stand up to the durability of powder coating.

Victory Paint & Powder