Powder Coating Gallery

Anything Metal!

Powder Coating can be applied to “anything metal” from steel to aluminum – automobile and truck frames and parts, ATV frames and roll bars, rims, Sand Rails, motorcycle fenders and frames, outdoor furniture, horse shoes to garden art. There are more than 6,500 Powder Coating color choices to select from.

Metal preparation is key prior to Powder Coating. Depending on the items to be Powder Coated, the particular steel product will be taken down to white metal, meaning that the metal will be “media blasted” to the proper finished, baked in the powder coating oven for a specified time to burn off any debris or oils left behind after “media blasting”.

Next the items will be powder coated according to the manufacturer’s data sheet, returned the oven to bake and cure the finish. If the project is of aluminum construction, a suggested wash, steam, rinse, light media blast maybe recommended.

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